Power Stilts – A Fun Way To Get Fit

According to the English dictionary, a stilt is a pole or any item that enables the user to walk with a considerable distance from the ground. Power stills commonly known as Jump stilts are not far from this definition at all. Power stilts are unique stilts that endow the user with the acrobatic and running capability among other activities.

The creator of these marvelous gadgets was called Alexander Boek. His name inspired the term of using power stilts- “powerbocking’. A power stilts generally look different according to design, brands (Air-trekkers, powerizers etc.) and material but generally spring power stilts are made up of aluminum.

To get a vivid image try imagining boots. Boots made of rubber inside (hoof) and also springs. The spring type varies with the model.
A power stilt is easy to use. The user has to strap in in the same way a boot or open shoes with straps are worn. It straps in your feet and hold your knee a thick strap. It is totally safe to use power stilts.

Power stilts enable a user to jump 4 to 5 feet and move at least 25mph. There is no age restriction of using them. They can actually help kids exercise in a more fun way. For adults, power stilts can be an easier way of losing weight. The fun in using power stilts is in the faster and easier motion it enables. Not much effort is needed to run or jump twice as much as you could jump normally. It also helps one develop leg strength.

Adults who want to lose weight, kids who want to do the same, people who want to have fun, athletes, those who love running as expression or art and those who want to keep fit power stilts are recommended for you. Many teens and youth are using it all over the world mostly for fun and weight loss. You can join the wave. Avoid being left behind form this awesome experience.

If you are interested, make sure you buy the official gear for proper functioning.