Ghillie Suit Jacket Desert XXL

Ghillie Suit Jacket Desert XXL

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Whatever your ghillie suit or camo needs are, you can bet we have you covered! Get a ready to wear ghillie, choose your camo!

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Product Description

This suit is pre-treated with a Class A fire-retardant

Our same High Quality Jute Thread is sewn directly on to a Military BDU 4 pocket coat. These are made by Propper. The sewn on Jute thread covers the entire jacket in the front and the back and has an attached hood. The Hood is built the same way we build our Ghillie Poncho by hand tying the Jute thread to a 1×1 netting and then sewing this to the Jacket. This design allows you to stay cooler allowing the wind to pass through and also allows for better hearing. (Weight 6 lbs.) If Propper brand is unavailable at the time we will use Tru-Spec Brand.

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Weight 9 lbs